Bitless Art of Riding

with Bart

About me

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
Horses have always been a part of my family and I have therefore been around horses most of my life. When I was 18 I got inspired by YouTubers riding horses bridleless and carefree through nature. That led me down the path of Natural Horsemanship with a horse of my dad that was until then not ridden. In 2013 I met Jossy Reynvoet on Equiday. Straight away I felt the urge to learn more about him and his structure. In 2016, After finishing my studies, Tosca and I left our home for Belgium to become a working student at his ranch. We've spent 12 months here. He has helped me heal the physical damage that years of bridleless riding had done to my horse that has a very difficult body by nature, and introduced me to the Academic Art of Riding. I have had an amazing time here and have learned a great deal. Now that my days as a working student are over I am still taking lessons with him on a weekly basis to keep on developing.


I offer both private lessons and lesson days. On lesson days I can start with a theory session explaining more about the academic work and about Jossy's structure. Things that we can work on during your lessons are:
  • Basic work, basic communication
  • Gymnastic work (AAOR)
  • Collection (AAOR)
  • Bridleless riding
  • Trailer loading*
  • Trail riding / riding out in the forest in a relaxed manner
*I do not like one-time fixes because I know that I'd need to be more strict than I want to be. I want to have at least one session with the horse to teach it some of the basic communication before going for a desentization exercise such as trailer loading.


  • Private lessons: 35€ per 45 minute lesson.
  • Traveling fee: 0.30€ per kilometer when your location is >10km from my home. I am located in the middle of Limburg (close to Roermond).
  • On lesson days the charge remains the same (35€ for a 45 minute lesson) but an additional free theory lesson is included. A minimum of 6 lessons take place on a lesson day.

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